Spacious & versatile, featuring mountains view.

At MATCA meetings will be enhanced by the most gorgeous views and ample spaces for everybody to feel inspired to bring in the most of themselves. Our magnificent conference room is fitted with the best equipment to ensure perfect fit for any kind of use and setup. Additionally, inviting and informal outdoor locations are to avail.

Size:  140 m2


  • Boardroom: 32
  • U-shape: 24
  • Classroom: 24
  • Theatre: 50
  • Banquet: 32

The conference room is equipped complimentary wireless internet access, audio-visual equipment including a LCD projector and screen, printer and flip charts.

Coffee breaks with delicious snacks are tailored to our guests desires.

Use it for work meetings, team-building activities or creative workshops.

We also host a variety of creative workshops designed for both children and adults.These workshops provide a relaxing and stimulating environment to ignite your creativity. Whether you are looking to unwind after a meeting or seeking to inspire innovative thinking among your team, our workshops offer the perfect blend of relaxation and creative expression.
From arts and crafts to team-building exercises, our workshops are a great way to foster a sense of community and enhance your overall experience at MATCA Hotel.